Creation Speaks

*I found some old journals of mine in a dark corner of my night stand and was pleasantly surprised by finding some old poems and stuff I had written. One of these “poems” I wrote was during a church retreat of 2010. Apparently, as it says at the top right corner “I wrote this [poem] in the dark.” It is simple, but I hope you like it… Note: This is a picture I took at the same church retreat location last year.


Creak of the bed frame

Patter of my feet

The night’s cold numbed my ears

My joints ache but still I reach for the door

Someone coughs

I freeze

I listen and wait

My ears ring with lungs breathing

Quietly,  on the tip of my toes

I slip through the door


The sun returns my greeting

Shining warmth from above

The lake, so beautiful, grows jealous

Sending me a breeze

Lapping water giggles with me

I set myself on a bench next to the rocky shore

The silence is made with singing birds and flapping wings

Wind ruffling through the trees

Water gives the silence a rhythm


I look down to the heavy book in my hands

The Word of God is the reason of living

All nature seem to wait in anticipation

As to what I will be revealed

I read and read

With His words flickering in my soul

I look up

And I see the world brighter


And now all I hear is the Birds singing,

“Glorified is He!”

The Wind whistles, “I am the Wind.

I know not where I go,

but only go where the Lord commands me.”

The tall and strong Trees reply softly,

“The Lord Jesus Christ said I would breathe

so that I may give breath to those who breathe.”

The Water waves a melody,

“Cover the earth said He.

Water gives life.

Praise be to He!”


And now the Sun bends down to me and tells me with great pride,

“In the beginning there was the Word. The Word was with God.

The Word was God.

He was with God in the beginning. Nothing was made without Him.”

Then the Sun rumbles and laughs joyfully,

“Jesus Christ is life!”


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