Sicilians NOT Italians

I was speaking to a colleague of mine here at my new internship. He asked me about my origins since he had heard me speaking to my grandmother in Portuguese on the phone.

He talked about how one time he was stationed in Portugal, and we discussed about the difference of Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal Portuguese. Our conversation lead into the difference of dialects in Portuguese and Spanish. My colleague’s deployments and travels had taken him to many places in Europe, and at one point he was stationed in Sicily. Sicilians have a very different Italian accent, to the point that when my colleague finally went to mainland Italy (after having learned Sicilian Italian) he could not understand any one. Apparently, Sicilians also take major offense if you call them Italian. They. Are. Not. Italian.

They are SICILIAN. Look on the map and there it is. The large island off the mainland’s “boot” and it is labeled SICILY. My colleague said “You don’t call Sicilians Italians. You don’t mess with a Sicilian. They’ll make it very clear…”

Apparently, you can’t mess with Sicilians about a lot of things, especially when death is on the line! *Vizzini cackles and then suddenly falls over dead* #PrincessBride

Great tip to know for when I visit Sicily.

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